'Filth-Adelphia is Back': Philadelphia neighbors say trash is piling up

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Saturday, August 1, 2020
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The trash has piled up around the city. The flies are breeding and in the summer heat, you know it smells. People were eager to speak up regarding their trash concerns.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The trash has piled up around the city. The flies are breeding and in the summer heat, you know it smells.

In the city's Mayfair neighborhood, people were eager to speak up regarding their trash concerns.

"There are enough diseases. They're just going around making new ones with all the trash out here," said neighbor Jean Saylor.

Another resident Edwin Santiago said, "I sometimes have to pay the guys extra out of my own pocket, cash, to take the trash."

Neighbor Anh Vuong said, "They're always late. In the past month, they're always late."

In the city's Strawberry Mansion section, neighbors say a spot near 27th and Leigh Avenue became a dumping ground when the trash isn't collected.

Resident Andrea Holder said, "Philadelphia is 'Filth-Adelphia.' They need to come in here and clean this up. It's nasty and it doesn't make any sense."

Afi Sanders of Strawberry Mansion said, "'City can you come help us?' We're out here on 27th and Lehigh. I know I pay my taxes I'm a nurse."

Neighbor Felix Trinidad said, "They don't care about this part of the city."

From North Philadelphia to Southwest Philadelphia, another dumpsite was found at 58th and Greenway Avenue.

Lieutenant Hodge said, "It's not called for. No excuse. Trash causes other things to happen. It causes all kinds of diseases and viruses and whatnot."

The recycling also hasn't appeared to have been collected either.

Adrian Thigpen, a local block captain who helps serve kids lunches says the children often eat out there.

"This is where these children sit around and eat on a daily basis," said Thigpen. "It's all around here, it's everywhere."

Another neighbor Katrina Sherman said, "So now we have the trash spilling over from the sidewalk into the streets. Which the cats and dogs now are tearing up. It's maggots and flies and I think it's a health hazard."

The Streets Department sent Action News a statement regarding both the trash and recycling:

"The Streets Department thanks residents for their patience. We apologize for the inconvenience. Crews will be working through the weekend to catch up on both materials. The Department is currently running a day behind in trash collection in some areas of the City while other sections are completely caught up. We are experiencing delays in recycling collections as crews have been focused on collecting trash to mitigate the health and safety risks from smells and rodents.

Delays are related to increased trash and recycling tonnage with more residents at home along with staff shortages due to COVID-related illnesses and other injuries. These matters have impacted our operations tremendously.

We are currently utilizing employees from other units and City Departments to assist with collections. We also are in the process of hiring 120 temporary employees to supplement our current staff. We expect the temporary workers to be fully on board within a month's time based on civil service requirements and the process we follow for physicals and other HR functions associated with hiring."