Cut down on bank fees by joining a Credit Union

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Tired of getting nickle and dimed by your bank? Consider joining a Credit Union. (WPVI)

Tired of getting nickle and dimed by your bank? Consider joining a Credit Union.

Maintenance fees, minimum balance fees, overdraft fees - the list is endless.

If your bank is taking a bite out of your budget, consider taking your business to a credit union.

Credit unions offer the same services as banks but they have higher rates of return, lower fees, and are safe and secure. And because they're not for profit, they're all about putting the people first.

Credit unions are member-owned and operated and any profit they do make goes right back to their members in the form of better rates and services.

According to, 72% of the largest credit unions in the U.S. offer free, no-strings checking accounts - compared with only 38% of the largest banks.

The average fee for overdrawing your account at a credit union is $26.78; while the average bank fee is $32.74.

You can find a credit union you might be eligible for by going to,, or WalletHub.

You can enter your location as well as what organizations you're affiliated with to see which credit unions you might be able to join.

Organizations include your workplace, church, school, military or volunteer group. The list is very long.

And here's the best news. There are a handful of credit unions open to anyone in the country, all you have to do is make a one-time minimal donation or membership fee and open a savings account.

It'll cost you as little as $10 dollars total but save you big in the long run.

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