Food drive in Atlantic City served community, union workers with holiday meal

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Thousands of cars rolled through Bader Field in Atlantic City to pick up a holiday meal on Friday.

Inside the cars were union workers. Many used to work at a casino or hotel in Atlantic City before the pandemic shut down most of the hospitality industry.

"This is a little relief with these hard times. It's hard," said Antonio Ramirez, from Atlantic City.

Venecio, a union worker, said, "This is a big help for the community, especially right now. It's COVID times, so some people, they don't have jobs."

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) provided the financings for the holiday food distribution.

"The turnout's been phenomenal. It's both gratifying to be able to help, but also sad to know that there's this much demand for food at a time like this," said Matt Dorety, executive director of CRDA.

Tammy Murphy, the first lady of New Jersey, was also there to show her support.

"One in three people in this city right now are unemployed, and that is devastating," said Murphy. "Look at all the people, look at the volunteers, it's bitterly cold, but no one is complaining. This is New Jersey grit coming together."

This food drive especially important during the holiday season.

"This is great for the people that are all out of work," said Joe Gerace, from Atlantic City.
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