Women in Charge: The duo leading the Four Seasons Philadelphia

There are few women holding the highest level of hotel management, but this dynamic duo are two of them.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- You can't be what you can't see and in a hospitality industry dominated by men, two women in Philadelphia are shattering the glass ceiling with both the first in their respective posts at the Four Seasons Hotel.

There are few women holding the highest level of hotel management, but this dynamic duo are two of them.

Cornelia Samara is the General Manager and regional Vice President of the Four Seasons and Cornelia Suhr is the Chef de Cuisine at Jean George.

(Ileto) "Both of you are in male dominated industries. Not a lot of people look like you in terms of not a lot of women are the level that you're at."

"I try not to distinguish male/ female, but when you get into that role of ladies, females looking at you and inspired by the role that you play, then you realize, 'Oh my gosh I am representing a lot of females,' and you feel even more obligated to do a great job," said Samara.

Both women came on board at the Center City hotel in 2021 and have been helping navigate their team through what will soon be a third year of the pandemic.
The JG Skyhigh Lounge sky bar recently re-opened, with Jean Georges restaurant set to re-open this spring after two years.

Chef Suhr is actively rebuilding her team.

"We don't structure our kitchen with the fact that a body needs to be replaced or I need this person to fill the gap. It's really who is this person, what's their name, personality," she said. "I create that environment where they can learn and really are being taken care of."

They hope their roles will inspire young girls and women starting their hospitality careers who are thinking they could be a chef de cuisine or run a 5-star hotel.

"If you do something that you like to do, you will dedicate yourself differently. It's not something that you have to do, you will do it automatically," said Chef Suhr.

These women are not just transforming the hotel and restaurant, but also the face of leadership in their industries.
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