Large fuel spill in Delaware County under investigation, cleanup efforts underway

BROOKHAVEN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It was an all-hands-on-deck type operation in Brookhaven, Delaware County.

Local police, fire, and state environmental agencies arrived Saturday morning at a Gas-n-Go at the corner of Coebourn Boulevard and Edgemont Avenue after reports of a large fuel spill.

Sources tell Action News an estimated 4,700 gallons spilled after an overnight delivery to the gas station.

How it started remains unclear, officials say.

Spill crews could be seen behind the station working to soak up the saturated earth and keep the spill from seeping into the nearby Chester Creek.

Some homeowners said the smell began late Friday evening.

"I thought it was something in the house. I thought my oil tank had leaked or something with my heater," said one homeowner named Rick.

By Saturday, the smell spanned several blocks beyond the gas station down West Brookhaven Road.

Small streams were left contaminated by the spill.

"They found some dead animals, obviously all the aquatic life, the amphibians they're all dead. It's not a live stream anymore," Rick said.

Borough officials, including the mayor and emergency management director, arrived to assess the damage and said the spill appeared to be contained.

"We are just asking residents right now if they have any concerns or any issues to call 911. We'll send out the fire department and police department to investigate," said Councilmember Cherie Heller.

Officials also said the gas station owners, who also arrived on site, were cooperating with authorities.

"This is just not a few hours. This is going to take a little bit," Heller said.

Police have asked the public to keep children and pets away from any runoff as a precaution.

Officials are confident there was no immediate danger associated with the spill.

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It was an all-hands-on-deck type operation in Brookhaven, Pa. An estimated 4,700 gallons spilled after an overnight delivery to the gas station.

"We've got a school impacted. We've got residents impacted," said Leanne Krueger, who represents the 161 legislative districts.

Krueger says kindergarten graduation is Wednesday at Coebourn Elementary but will hold class virtual on Monday and Tuesday for now as crews work to assess the area, monitoring air quality, and cleaning up the fuel.

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