FYI Philly follows restoration of Action News theme song sheet music

Monday, April 22, 2024
FYI Philly follows restoration of Action News theme song sheet music
As we continue our celebration of Earth Month, we follow the restoration of a beloved Action News archive and a spot to detoxify.

PHILADELPHIA -- TaRhonda Thomas and Alicia Vitarelli continue our celebration of Earth Month with an all new FYI Philly on April, 20 at 7 p.m.

Action News theme song sheet music gets makeover

The Action News theme song is a legendary part of the station's history.

It's been in every newscast since its 1972 debut and covered by everyone from high school marching bands to The Roots.

The sheet music framed with a 45 record proudly hangs in the 6abc Hall of Fame.

But time has taken a toll.

The ink on the page has faded; the paper warped with small tears.

So we took it to CCAHA, the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts, in Center City to be restored and conserved for generations to come.

Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) | Facebook | Instagram

264 South 23rd Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103


OPEN HOUSE: April 24, 5-7:30 p.m.

Enjoy movie night under the stars at Shankweiler's Drive-In Theatre

Shankweiler's Theatre is the oldest drive-in movie theater in the world, bringing a unique experience to customers for nearly a century.

Founded in 1934, the theater has survived the Great Depression, two World Wars and 16 United States Presidents.

The new owners took over in 2022, bringing the latest films from Hollywood to the 66-foot wide screen.

They also play classic films.

A recent double feature included the 1996 action film "Twister" with the new release of "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire".

The drive in provides a family experience and movie experience unlike any other.

The owners call it a DIY Day where movie goers pick the time they arrive, the location for their car to watch the film, how they sit to watch the film and what kind of movie snacks and meals they want to eat.

The experience blends nature and Hollywood with a nostalgic vibe that is accentuated by Shankweiler's long history.

Shankweiler's Drive-In Theatre | Facebook | Instagram

4540 Shankweiler Road, Orefield, PA 18069

Encanto combines kicks and coffee under one Fishtown roof

Louis Quiles has been selling sneakers since the 9th grade.

Now he has his own shop that blends his passion for kicks with a newer obsession, coffee.

The bright café space has island vibes as an ode to Louis' Puerto Rican roots.

The sneakers are limited edition shoes, releases that are only made once.

He has a strong collection of Jordans in sizes for kids, women and men.

There is casual wear with some of the designs made locally.

The coffee craze started when his wife asked him to make some coffee while she was pregnant.

He fell in love with the process and uses the café space to balance the sneaker business.

Customers can shop while they wait for his signature drinks to be created.

Each coffee is grinded fresh using sustainably sourced beans he picked from Puerto Rico.

Encanto Kicks & Coffee | Facebook | Instagram

2110 East Norris Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Black Turtle Coffee expands with Rittenhouse location

At Black Turtle Coffee, the slogan is 'shell out for the good stuff', and the founders take their coffee very seriously.

When husband and wife team Braeden Anderson and Selena Gabrielle left the high-powered corporate world of New York City to slow the pace of work and life, they landed in Brigantine.

But when they found the 'craft coffee' scene to be lacking, they started their own.

The original store at the Jersey Shore is where they roast single-origin, fair-trade beans sourced from the best coffee-producing regions of the world.

They harvest at peak freshness, roast in small batches, and take every step possible to ensure freshness.

The Rittenhouse location opened last year, and plans are in the works for continued expansion.

Black Turtle Coffee | Facebook | Instagram


2100 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103



3101 Revere Blvd, Brigantine, NJ 08203


hours at both locations: 6 a.m.-8 p.m.

dtXfy studio offers red light infrared saunas for wellness

At dtXfy Studio in Manayunk, you can hit the massage pod room, hop in the chair and choose your relaxation adventure, adding heat, compression and even stretching.

There are red light therapy rooms, said to do everything from reducing inflammation to improving sleep and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air, infrared saunas heat your body.

dtXfy founder Denise Lehmann likens the benefits to a 30-minute moderate workout.

She opened the studio at the end of 2022, followed soon after by another studio in Wayne.

She is a sustainable luxury homebuilder with no background in the wellness industry.

But she was feeling the impacts of aging and experiencing symptoms of menopause.

Her research led her to the treatments that she first brought into her own home and is now offering to others.

dtXfy Sauna Studio | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4328 Main Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


Pocono Travel Network visits The Lodge at Woodloch, French Manor spas

If you're looking to get away and get a little pampering, the spas in the Poconos have a number of options for peaceful tranquility.

The Lodge at Woodloch is a destination resort that offers top-of-the-line cuisine, luxurious rooms, mind and body experiences and spa services you'd expect at a high-end resort.

The Lodge at Woodloch | Facebook

109 River Birch Ln, Hawley, PA 18428

The French Manor is an inviting place to visit if you want to have a girl's weekend, enjoy a romantic dinner or just get away.

The French Manor Inn and Spa | Facebook

50 Huntingdon Dr, Newfoundland, PA 18445

The Aroma Alchemists bring a sense of scents to body products

When stay-at-home mom Ashley Marie Marks wanted to exercise her entrepreneurial muscle, she looked no further than her own knowledge base and homeopathic routine.

As a certified aromatherapist, she named her line of body products The Aroma Alchemists.

She sources the purest essential oils to create formulations of inhalers, mists, bath salts, candles, diffuser blends, and more - all with therapeutic properties.

The Aroma Alchemists | Instagram | Facebook

Opera Philadelphia Presents 'Madame Butterfly', April 26-May 5

Puccini's 'Madame Butterfly' takes flight at the Academy of Music.

"In the original production it's a Japanese girl," says Karen Chia-ling Ho, who plays Cio Cio San, the butterfly.

In the Opera Philadelphia's presentation, she is a Japanese doll.

"I will be the spirit of the doll," says Ho.

It's a production that adds a new perspective.

Production Designer Yuki Izumihara says she decided to have a dual story, "to share that experience of when an Asian person actually see this opera - what do they see?"

"People think about Cio Cio San, the butterfly, they think it's a very submissive Japanese woman," says Ho. "This opera is breaking up the stereotype."

The opera, written in 1904, is set in Nagasaki, Japan.

B.F. Pinkerton, a U.S. naval officer, meets Cio Cio San in Japan.

"She's a geisha girl," says Izumihara. "He actually purchases Cio Cio San to be his bride."

She falls in love, but he's not serious about the relationship.

"He is looking forward to actually have his quote-unquote, 'proper wife,' in United States later," she says.

"It's sad, because it's not a love story," says Ho.

"Cio Cio San was a purchased doll for him, so she's heartbroken," says Izumihara.

The figurative doll becomes an actual character in the show, created by Philadelphia-based puppet artist, Hua Hua Zhang.

She is also one of the puppeteers in the show.

Ho says she was taught how to manipulate the puppet, to humanize it a little bit for audiences.

The Puccini music is the same, but the ending has changed.

"I wish she, Cio Cio San, the character, believed in herself, rather than believing in Pinkerton," says Izumihara.

She says she's hoping to initiate a dialogue of "where Asian communities are with art and representation" with this production.

Opera Philadelphia presents 'Madame Butterfly' from April 26 through May 5 at the Academy of Music.

Opera Philadelphia presents 'Madame Butterfly' | Tickets

Academy of Music

240 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102