VIDEO: Dramatic rescue of woman at Lower Merion gas station

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
VIDEO: Dramatic rescue at Lower Merion gas station
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A dramatic rescue of a car at a Lower Merion gas station was caught on video.

MERION STATION, Pa. (WPVI) -- Action News is learning the story behind a dramatic rescue that was caught on video at a Lower Merion Township gas station.

Surveillance video shows the driver of a black Ford Fusion pulling into the Liberty gas station on the 300 block of Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday and stopping so a man can walk past.

The driver appeared to release the break, but instead of pulling to the pump, the car slowly drifted to the left, striking a column protecting pump number 8.

The car also struck a customer at the pump knocking him to the ground.

Employee Tony Benedict can be seen running to the customer's aid.

As for the car, the camera captures what appears to be the driver struggling inside.

Police believe she was having a seizure.

The jammed vehicle's front drive wheels continued to spin and smoke alarming Benedict.

"Wheels kept on running and the smoke was coming out. I got so scared that it might blow up the gas station," Benedict told Action News.

Two people are injured after a car caught fire at a gas station in Merion Station, Pa.

Benedict went inside the gas station to shut down the gasoline supply as a precaution.

Within seconds, thick, choking tire smoke filled the air concentrating inside the car.

Another customer, Common Pleas Judge Steven O'Neil, then used a crowbar to break a window and open a car door as the spinning tires began throwing off hot rubber.

Seconds later, Lower Merion police officers arrived.

Officer Michael Young picked up the effort to reach the driver, this time through the front passenger door.

"The officer kept on yelling at her, 'Madame! Madame, get out the car!' And there was no response," Benedict said.

The heavy smoke continued to drive back Young and another officer.

Finally, Young was able to enter the car and pulled the driver free.

Remarkably, after being exposed to the acrid smoke for some minutes, she quickly responded and stood up.

The unidentified driver was taken to Lankenau Hospital in stable condition.

Officer Young was taken to Bryn Mawr where he was treated and released.