Germantown native launches CSA business to provide fresh produce bundles to area residents

ELKINS PARK, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Germantown native Christa Barfield is a strong advocate for healthy eating and believes the decision for organic foods should never have to come down to affordability.

"Organic foods are without chemicals, and chemicals cost money," said Barfield. "So, it makes no sense for you to have to pay extra money for something that's not in the foods your eating."

Barfield, owner of Farmer Jawn Greenhouses, a community-supported agriculture business that provides local farmers the ability to offer fresh produce bundles directly to area residents.

What began as a local effort in Germantown, Barfield has now expanded its reach into Elkins Park, Montgomery County.

"The reason why I started in Germantown, was to help the people that were around me," said Barfield. "I could only at first take on 10 families as a responsible grower and responsible farmer."

Barfield says now with the expansion of Elkins Park greenhouses she's been able to open up the opportunity to grow even more food for communities across different counties.

At FarmerJawn, customers have the option of paying $100 upfront, followed by $25 per week for 25 weeks worth of fresh produce.

"For 10 years I worked in health care, and I understand working 40 hours a week and not being able to have an adequate food supply at home and healthy options at home," said Barfield. "So to me, it makes sense if I could afford a deposit to put down, so I can have food that's grown locally, I know my farmer and where the food is coming from. Everybody should be able to have that right."

With the expansion of two full greenhouses in Elkins Park, Barfield hopes to work with the Department Of Agriculture to extend her efforts not just for farmers, but Pennsylvania Snap recipients and families directly affected by food insecurity.

"For me, it's important that all people can be able to eat wholesomely," said Barfield.

Barfield also hopes to expand on one of the greenhouses as a nonprofit initiative to soon provide free produce for families in need who can not afford fresh produce.
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