What is the Germination Project?

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Saturday, May 2, 2020
Learn about Ajay Raju's Germination Project
Learn about Ajay Raju's Germination Project

The Germination Project is creating a self-sustaining, and perpetuating ecosystem for Philadelphia's next generation of leadership. The Germination Project seeks to catalyze and energize an elite cadre of ambitious young men and women, brought together by their talent, drive and commitment to putting their gifts into service for the benefit of our city, our nation, and wherever their vision and ambition may lead them.

Recruiting the best and brightest 10th graders in the region-regardless of socioeconomic circumstance- into a dynamic and lasting fellowship, by helping our Fellows to develop strong, reciprocal relationships with the individuals, organizations and institutions already at the vanguard of the struggle for shared prosperity, the Germination Project offers a lifetime's worth of opportunities in exchange for a promise by the Fellows to pay those opportunities forward.

The Germination Project's objective is not to sew the proverbial seeds of change, but to empower a new class of farmers. We do not insist that our fellows commit to any one particular cause or initiative; rather, the Germination Project's intention is to provide the skills, insights, judgment and confidence to choose their own crops to cultivate. The Germination Project asks of its fellows only that they dream big and set out to change the world in proportionate measure.

Learn much more at germinationproject.com

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