Gina Rodriguez is back for season 2 of 'Not Dead Yet', playing a writer who gets 'other wordly' help

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
'Not Dead Yet' with Gina Rodriguez returns for season 2
Gina Rodriguez returns for season two of the comedy series 'Not Dead Yet.' Her journalist-obituary writer character navigates her life with the help of some 'other worldly' friends... essentially, she sees the dead people she writes about.

HOLLYWOOD -- Gina Rodriguez is back for more comedic adventures in the ABC series "Not Dead Yet." She returns as Nelle, a journalist, who's assigned to the obituary beat at her newspaper. Trouble is, when she starts learning about the people she's assigned to write about... well, essentially she sees dead people.

"This experience she's having is complicated. She doesn't know why it's happening. She still doesn't really understand it," said Rodriguez. "But what she does know is that with each person that she encounters, something happens, something shifts, something moves inside of her. She learns or she fails, or she is surprised by the ways in which she evolves from it. And so she's going to keep on that trajectory. What's great about where we left off in the first season, which was her kind of choosing herself and choosing these ghosts and choosing to not deny this experience, it allows her to really go deeper into learning those lessons, evolving, growing ."

One big change for season two... a new larger than life character, played by Brad Garrett.

"I love Brad Garrett. I've always loved Brad Garrett, but now being able to work with him. It's like, a dream come true, really. And he is outstanding," said Rodriguez. "He's so funny. He keeps us all on our toes. He makes us all better at what we do."

Another thing that makes season two a bit different - Gina was pregnant with her son while she was filming the first season. Now, he's on set with her, and all the cast and crew who volunteer to help take care of him!

"We call them my 'auntie-rouge' and they're just the aunties of Charlie and I know that his life will be forever changed because of them," said Rodriguez.

"Not Dead Yet' airs Wednesday nights on ABC.