'Glow big or glow home!': New synchronized holiday light show comes to South Jersey

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Tuesday, January 2, 2024
New synchronized holiday light show illuminates South Jersey
What was once 350,000 lights at his home is now two million lights and counting!GLOW is a new synchronized holiday light display, located in Washington Township, NJ, with over 2 million lights

WASHNGTON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey -- What started as just casually decorating his home for Christmas, Dan Uszaki's light display at his Washington Township home quickly became a holiday tradition for his neighbors!

His mantra has always been "Glow Big, or Glow home!"

"I was getting to a point where I was transitioning away from my home, my kids were getting older," said Uszaki.

So, after 12 years he pulled the plug, but the blackout didn't last long.

"I just felt like a sense of responsibility. I had no idea that I stretched into that many people's homes," he said.

This year, he started GLOW, a brand new ultimate synchronized light experience.

What was once 350,000 lights at his home is now two million lights and counting!

Set up is happening courtesy of what he calls his team of "Silent Santas."

"I really think our display is really unique. We have various displays, pop culture things.

All of the lights are individually addressed and synced to music and all our props are not seen at any other light show because we personally design them," said Uszaki.

His family's home lighting display was featured on ABC's the Great Christmas Light Fight on December 12 where they took home a trophy.

For more information or tickets to GLOW, visit: VisitGlow.com.