High School Students Raise $18k for Yemen Crisis

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Friday, January 3, 2020
High School Students Raise $18k for Yemen Crisis
This student-led fundraiser raised $18K for Yemen crisis.

HINSDALE, Ill. -- Most high school students like to spend their free time doing anything but school work, but a group of students at Hinsdale Central took their extracurricular activities to a global scale.

These students created a student-run Model United Nations program called H-MUN.

"What H-MUN is, is a conference that we host every summer for students to participate in so they're participating in Model U.N. through us, H-MUN," said Ammar Hussain, the group's co-founder.

Many high schools offer a Model U.N. program, where students can learn about diplomacy and international relations.

Co-Founder Zamaan Qureshi said H-MUN gives the students more control over "some of the factors involved with Model U.N."

The H-MUN conference held earlier this year had over 76 delegates from 22 different schools. They raised nearly $18,000 for the Yemen crisis.