Despite pandemic, many were out shopping for Halloween costumes

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Despite pandemic many were out shopping for Halloween costumes
Action News has spent over the last few weeks polling people on whether they were celebrating Halloween this year. After reviews, It was a 50-50 split, as some were, and some were

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Action News has spent over the last few weeks polling people on whether they will be celebrating Halloween this year.

After reviews, it was a 50-50 split. Some are all-in like other years, while others are sitting with this year out.

But it looked like most were in the spooky spirit Friday as the Masquerade Halloween shop in South Philadelphia was filled with customers.

Tons of people were looking for Halloween costumes and decorations.

"It's been crazy, a lot of people coming in. We didn't expect all these people to come out because of the coronavirus." said a store employee.

Young kids looked so excited about doing something fun after being locked down by pandemic restrictions.

Manager Paul Johnson says he hasn't been this busy in years.

"I think ever since we reopened, people have this hunger to have fun," said Johnson. "I don't know where they're having fun. I ain't throwing parties, but there's a lot of parties going on."

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The creativity displayed in the neighborhood has been a way to lift spirits during these tough times.

But because of the pandemic, everybody had different ideas on how they are celebrating this year.

"Our church is doing a trunk-a-treat, a block church, and they're just gonna have a whole bunch of cars, and it's gonna be like a dive-thru trunk-a-treat," said Leandra Rios of Northeast Philadelphia.

Carol Clark of Port Richmond said, "We're gonna go trick-or-treating for a little bit in my neighborhood, and then my sister is having like a little party for the kids."

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Halloween will look very different this year due to COVID-19. Some families are going all out decorating, while others are choosing to sit this year out on trick-or-treating.

Herb Campbell of South Philadelphia is not doing the typical trick-or-treating this year.

"We're gonna go to the zoo, we're not gonna go house to house, but we're gonna go to the zoo where they have a Boo at the Zoo thing," said Campbell.

Others who worried about the potential for civil unrest say they're staying home.

"Just sit in the house this year. We're not going outside. We want to be inside cause it's kind of crazy out there, so I'm just gonna have some chocolate," said Jacqueline Holten of South Philadelphia.

Laquell Fitzhugh from South Philadelphia said, "Everybody out there acting crazy with tearing the stores up, it's not for that, Halloween, we're trying to have fun."

There are all sorts of ideas for celebrating the holiday this year, but whatever you decide to do, please be safe.