New Jersey man using culinary talents to feed veterans

ByJessica Boyington and Heather Grubola WPVI logo
Monday, October 5, 2020
All or Muffin: New Jersey man using culinary talents to feed veterans
A New Jersey man is using his culinary talents in the most patriotic of ways.

HAMILTON TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) -- Frank French, of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, is a proud father of six with quite a talent for baking. It's a talent that he decided to put to good use.

"My second oldest son, he's in the Army, so he joined the Army in 2010 and he's been deployed three times. And after his second deployment, I started thinking we should do something for veterans," said French.

Inspired by his son Mason and his uncle, a Vietnam War veteran, he started in 2016 by donating 28 boxes of his homemade cookies to the Mercer County Veteran Services.

"I got a letter of thanks and it was sweet and it was heartwarming and it's really what drove me to do it the next year. The following year I opened it up to some individual veterans," he said.

He called his organization "All or Muffin." Each year since then he's personally delivered boxes of sweets to veterans all over, and even shipped some as far as Fiji and Guam. His 2020 goal is to reach 150 veterans which he said is about a month of baking.

"I love it, it's my Christmas. It's the best weekend of my life," he said. "So the veterans, they've given us our freedom, they've given us our abilities to bake cookies to enjoy cookies to go out and see a movie. Not every country has that, but this country has those freedoms. Our country has that ability because of our veterans," said French.

"My son inspires me to be a better person. My uncle inspires me to be a better person and it's just the best part of America is our military," he said.

To all those who've served and continue to serve, Action News salutes you.