Haverford actress, producer, screenplay writer brings latest film shot in Philly home to premiere

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Premiering next Tuesday right here in Philadelphia is a film called "A Call to Spy," that's written, produced and starred by Haverford's own Sarah Megan Thomas.

Action News had a chance to chat with the local star who insisted her latest film make its first stop here at home.

Ahead of its wide release next Friday, Thomas is coming home to introduce the film at the Philadelphia Film Society's Drive-In at the Navy Yard.

Thomas also made sure that the film was shot here at several local spots in the city.

The film is inspired by the true stories of three women who worked as spies in Winston Churchill's Secret Army.

"It is such a girl power film," said Thomas. "It's made by women. It's like the Hidden Figures of war basically."

Thomas says her character, Virginia Hall, became the spy the Nazis dubbed 'the most dangerous of all allied spies.'

As she's done with all of her films, Thomas brought it home.

"I take all my films back to Philly. Looking at this third one I thought, 'How am I going to pull this off?'" asked Thomas. "But, you know, the British came over to Philadelphia, so there's actually a lot of historic landscape in Philadelphia for London that works."

Thomas adds part of the film was shot at a place called Androssan Estate on The Philadelphia Main Line.

"It's the home of the family that inspired 'The Philadelphia Story.' It has a similar replica to the fancy homes these spies trained in, in Scotland to hide from the Nazis," she said.

With all of her films putting Philly in full view, Thomas believes she can be the 'Female M. Night" Shyamalan.'"

Her 7-year-old son Christopher, was also an extra in the movie. Thomas also just welcomed a baby girl, Madison, one month ago.
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