1st confirmed case of measles in Pennsylvania of 2019

Pennsylvania health officials have confirmed the state's first measles case of the year.

The Allegheny County Health Department said its first documented measles case is in an unvaccinated adult who recently traveled internationally, WPXI-TV reports.

Officials said the case isn't linked to any of the measles outbreaks in the US, but they are warning people who live in or visit Pittsburgh to be aware of the situation.

They said the person was contagious and visiting sites around Pittsburgh starting April 20.

Measles symptoms could emerge any time between now and May 20.

Experts encourage everyone to be up-to-date on their immunizations, and say that, if you were born before 1989, you might need a measles booster shot.

"By immunizing yourself you can help protect others in the community who can't get vaccinated or prevent measles from spreading," Dr. Kristen Mertz of the Allegheny County Health Department said.

The person who had the measles has been treated and was released from the hospital Monday.
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