Don't ignore mini strokes, doctors warn

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Although they only last a short time, TIA's - or mini strokes- are serious business, doctors say. (WPVI)

Every year, thousands of people have transient ischemic attacks, or TIA's.

They're called mini-strokes, because the symptoms are similar to a stroke, but they go away in a few minutes.

Although they only last a short time, TIA's are serious business.

"Ten percent of patients who have TIA's will have a stroke within 90 days," said Neurologist Dr. Henri Vaitkevicius.

Anyone who's had a mini-stroke needs a thorough examination.

It may take several tests, but doctors can often find the underlying cause.

Doctors say treatments can range from stopping smoking or exercising more to clot-preventing medications or even surgery to clear blood vessels.

Bottom line, doctors say, don't ignore those temporary episodes.
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