In some states, soda, pot on ballot on Election Day

On Tuesday, in addition to the presidential race, voters in some states will also decide some crucial health questions.

In four states, medical marijuana is on the ballot.

In Arkansas and North Dakota, the question is simply yes or no.

In Florida, it's the second time around for a proposal to define which medical conditions marijuana could be used for.

Montana voters approved medical marijuana in 2004, then the legislature enacted tight restrictions - barring a doctor from having more than three patients at a time using it.

The measure up Tuesday would ease those rules.

But another hot topic will be soda tax. Voters in San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, California, and in Boulder, Colorado, will be asked whether to impose a tax on sugary drinks.

Like Philadelphia's law, these would be paid by beverage distributors, but designed to cut consumption by buyers.

And just like they will here in Philadelphia, if it passes, researchers will be looking to see if the tax makes a dent in the obesity epidemic.

Overall, the issue has raked in $50 million from both sides of the argument.

That's enough money to buy every California resident 40 cans of Coke or Pepsi.
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