Jersey Shore offers summer fun, fitness

We headed out to the beach to find some workouts that will keep you in summertime shape while giving you a break from the same old gym routines.

Laughing at the end of a workout? Yes, Prone Paddling is that much fun.

"Unlike the standup paddling you're used to, its on narrower boards and you propel it with your hands," said Bruckner Chase, Ocean City Swim Club.

It's a water sport popular out west and in Australia, and Chase of the is now bringing it to the Jersey Shore.

"You really control the board and the balance through your abdominals and your core so it's always engaged," said Chase. "Even the most subtle swell or wave and you're constantly correcting and balancing."

And hey, you get to be on the open water.

Speaking of which, lots of people have heard of SUP Yoga, but finding your balance on the bay can be hard.

"Previously with standup yoga, everybody would be drifting about and you have to anchor everybody up," said Chuck Piola, Harbor Outfitters.

But Harbour Outfitters in Sea Isle's Fish Alley now has the Imagine Paddle surf cog where up to eight paddle boards can be anchored onto a centered platform, making SUP yoga more accessible for novice paddle boarders.

"So this allows us to hedge on all that and keep everyone happy," said Piola.

Boxing lessons at Surfside Fitness in Avalon will get your heart rate up and you frustration out, but iy isn't your typical group or private fitness lesson - not when the instructor is USBA Welterweight Champion Ray Robinson.

"It's a full body workout. When you're bobbing and weaving and you're working on your legs, coordination," said Robinson, Surfside Fitness.

Robinson says his boxing classes aren't just for elite athletes, and Wild Harbor Tri Club says their group isn't just for the seasoned triathlete.

"We have members who are going to be doing their first triathlon, we have members who have been doing it for years and we have some people who just want to get out and exercise," said Maggie Warner, Wild Harbor Tri Club.

And the group puts safety first. For those hesitant of group open-water swims, members have access to coaches on site. And of course the fun is free.

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