Powerful suicide prevention video urges men not to 'tough it out'

A men's health group is raising awareness about depression and suicide.

In the U.S., men are four times more likely than women to take their own lives.

For World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10, the Movember Foundation is using a moving video, in which men who contemplated suicide read the notes they planned to leave behind.

"It's not your fault, no one caused it," reads one man.

Another says, "Please move on. That's all I want."

But, as the video notes, all of these men got help in time.

They are now encouraging other men to stop 'toughing it out' when things get rough, and to start talking more with their loved ones.

One says, "I wrote this 4 years ago," while another says, "It was 15 years ago."

The video is posted on the weeneedtotalk.movember.com website.

The men's health awareness group also has other resources online, including tips to get those conversations going.

To find them, CLICK HERE.
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