Really bad time for ragweed allergy

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If you are allergic to ragweed, chances are, you're feeling it. (WPVI)

If you are allergic to ragweed, chances are you're feeling it.

The pollen count for ragweed from the Asthma Center is extreme.

This comes at a bad time for kids heading back to school.

You can help prevent symptoms by keeping allergens out of the house.

That means keep windows closed and the air conditioner on.

Don't dry linens outside.

When kids with allergies come home from school, they can change clothes and rinse off.

Over-the-counter nasal sprays and non-drowsy anti-histamines can also help relieve symptoms.

Allergists recommend doing a saline rinse.

But just a reminder, if you or your child uses a Neti Pot, make sure it's only used with distilled or sterile water.
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