Start preparing now for spring allergies, doctors say

Warm weather is on the way, and believe it or not, so is allergy season. Getting ready for it ahead of time can help prevent symptoms.

"I would actually get prepared right now. We're about the head into pollen season and this time of year brings tree allergies. So once you start seeing the buds on the trees, it's happening out there," says Dr. Sandra Hong, an allergist at the Cleveland Clinic.

If you suffer from tree allergies, symptoms are typically similar to the common cold but they linger.

This includes itchy eyes and sore throat.

Allergies can leave some people feeling miserable. If you know you have problems every spring, it's best to talk with your healthcare provider NOW and figure out a plan to prevent symptoms with medication.

And then once pollen hits, you'll want to take extra precautions to keep yourself protected.

For people who are allergic to grass, that typically starts during the summer.

But if you have severe symptoms, there's an approved immunotherapy that can help.

But it has to be taken three months before the season... so again, now is the time to talk to your doctor if you're interested.
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