New program helps lose weight while eating more

ROXBOROUGH (WPVI) -- A local doctor says he has the secret to helping people lose weight while eating more.

The problem with many diets is you cut back on calories and you lose weight. But then as soon as you go back to eating more, you gain the weight back.

Now one local weight loss doctor has a plan to stop that cycle and help people lose weight and keep it off.

Jessica Vadino eats out most of the time and she doesn't exercise.

"Nope, hate it, absolutely hate it," she said.

But she was still able to lose 50 pounds in a year and keep it off.

Her journey started in January 2015 when she had put on extra weight.

"My weight hit a level it never hit before and I couldn't figure out why," she said.

So she went to Dr. Charlie Seltzer. He says his "Lean for Life" plan works with people's habits, rather than against them.

First he had Jessica track all her food. Then he made small changes, like taking the bun off her turkey burger from Zesto's.

To lose weight she ate about 1200 calories per day including 80 grams per day of protein.

In a year's time, she hit her goal weight of 125lbs.

"It's not sexy, it's not 30 pounds in a month but it lasts," said Dr. Seltzer.

He says the trick is after someone reaches their goal, you slowly increase calories so they can eat more, without gaining weight.

"Adding between 25 to 50 calories per day in weekly intervals, we were able to keep her weight at 125/126 and get her up to almost 1700 calories," said Dr. Seltzer.

How she chooses the calories is up to her. She still has to hit her protein goal, but she saves room for sweets.

"So I still have candy, I still have ice cream, that hasn't changed," she said.

She says it can be tedious tracking every morsel but she's gotten used to it and is happy with the results.

"I feel really good. I feel faster, lighter, healthier, happier," said Jessica.

Jessica says with guidance this can work for anyone - if you commit to it.

She still doesn't like to exercise, but Dr. Seltzer is still trying to convince her.

To learn more about Dr. Seltzer's program, CLICK HERE.
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