It's not a party unless there's one of these hyper-realistic cakes on the table

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Monday, October 24, 2022
San Rafael business bakes creative cakes that start the party
For Heston Cakes in San Francisco, a party without a cake is just a meeting. The company encourages customers to make hyper-realistic desserts a part of their special occasions.

SAN FRANCISCO -- For artist-baker Michelle Heston, a party without a cake is merely a meeting. From veggies to cowboy boots, Heston makes hyper-realistic desserts that keep customers guessing if the objects are real or made of cake.

As the founder of Heston Cakes, she makes specialty desserts that look like art pieces for all to enjoy.

"I am completely, 100% self-taught," said Heston. "Caking is my passion and probably more importantly, my therapy."

Michelle started making cakes 6 years ago as a hobby, while working full time. During COVID, her passion expanded into a full-blown business. Today, she bakes specialty cakes, wedding cakes, and realistic cakes.

"I think every cake should tell a story. Whether it's someone's favorite candy, maybe it's a record that they like," explained Heston. "Whether it's fresh flowers and herbs from someone's garden, that cake should tell a story that's deeply personal."

These cakes are not only beautiful, but also help give back. Through an organization called Cake4Kids, Heston bakes for youth who may be in foster care, in group homes, survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking, living in low-income housing with or without a parent, or even homeless.

"We anonymously create cakes...and deliver it to the partnering agency and it is delivered to a child," described Heston. "I think to be able to give that to a child and to see the joy that it can bring somebody, that gives me immense pleasure. It's all about creating something special for that child."

For more information and to order a specialty cake, visit @hestoncakes on Instagram.