Santa Ana ice cream shop creates a unique Mexican-Korean fusion hot and cold ice cream sandwich

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Ice cream shop is blowing up taste buds with Mexican-Korean fusion
Jaliscos Ice Cream in Orange County created a unique Mexican-Korean style hot ice cream sandwich which is blowing up taste buds.

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- A warm crispy Concha Mexican sweet bread on the outside with cold ice cream on the inside has put Jaliscos Ice Cream on the foodie map. The shop's owner, Armando Ortiz, is part of a long line of ice cream vendors from the Mexican state of Jalisco. He was inspired to try something different after coming across a Korean UFO Burger, a burger sealed within a warm bun.

"I do believe we are the first that have brought the Korean and Mexican fusion to heat it up and split it for you." said Ortiz. "Then we top it with Nutella and condensed milk."

"I haven't gone to any other ice cream spot where they have that," said Roberto Rodriguez, a neighborhood resident and regular at Jaliscos Ice Cream. "They do their own thing and it's delicious."

The shop's formula has worked and videos of the hot Concha ice cream sandwich have been shared across social media.

"I imagine like if my great grandpa saw that, and he was on the streets selling the ice cream," said Ortiz. "Now we're in a building selling ice cream, and people are showing up. It makes you want to cry."

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