Philadelphia native tried to take down 'Jeopardy!' super champ Amy Schneider

Cory Anotado is a lifelong superfan of Jeopardy! who grew up in Philadelphia's Olney section.

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Friday, January 14, 2022
Philly native tries to take down Amy Schneider on Jeopardy!
A Philadelphia native will make his debut on Jeopardy! The big question is: can our local contestant unseat super champ Amy Schneider?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- On Thursday night, a Philadelphia native made his debut on "Jeopardy!" as he tried to defeat champion Amy Schneider.

Cory Anotado is a lifelong game show superfan.

He grew up watching any and every game show with his grandmother in the city's Olney neighborhood.

Anotado says he was always a "know-it-all" because he always wanted to know it all.

The La Salle University graduate took his passion, skills and Philly grit to the buzzer.

Before Thursday night's show, he shared his strategy.

"I am hoping that tonight at 7 p.m. I am more Joel Embiid than I am Ben Simmons. The ball is being passed to me. I really want to dunk it. Game on," Anotado said.

Anotado now lives in the Baltimore area, where he is an interactive designer.

Since he was young, he's run "Buzzer Blog," dedicated to game show news.

Ken Jennings once interviewed him about it for his book.

Anotado also just created "Highwire Deck," a 56-card deck that features a variety of games and also teaches improvisation skills.

Anotado has been on "Wheel of Fortune," "The Chase", "Kids Jeopardy!" and now, "Jeopardy!"

Spoiler alert --- but, in the end, the Philadelphia native was unsuccessful in taking down super champ Amy Schneider; he did, however, come in second place.

Schneider is now tied with James Holzhauer at 32 games and #3 on the all-time consecutive wins list!