Jim Gardner hosts 50 Years of Action News

Jim Gardner Image
Friday, June 19, 2020

From its debut in 1970, Action News set a standard that other stations around the country would emulate. It quickly became the number one newscast in the Philadelphia television market and has held that position ever since.

Anchor Jim Gardner hosted "50 Years of Action News" special on June 18. Watch the entire show below, along with digital exclusives on our friend Vernon Odom, trailblazing sportscaster Bill White and an in-depth look back at the Action News family through the years.

The Action News brand launches in 1970 with big personalities, big ideas and big stories.
A look back at the highs and lows of the past 50 years in local sports. Plus, Jim Gardner and the sports team pay homage to the late Gary Papa.
Revisiting the brilliance and tragic death of Jim O'Brien and how others picked up the mantle in the aftermath of his death.
"Move Closer to Your World" has greeted viewers to the newscast for decades, while the news van lets the public know Action News is there for the biggest stories.
From covering wars abroad to major political stories at home and the sorrow of 9-11, no matter where the story was Action News was there.
"There goes that news van again" kicked off a run of iconic promos developed by the Action News marketing team.
Whether it's the talent on-screen or the talented staff behind the scenes, the members of the Action News family make the newscast the special product it is.