13-year-old Lansdowne entrepreneur starts his own clothing brand

ByRebeccah Hendrickson WPVI logo
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
13-year-old entrepreneur starts his own clothing brand
13-year-old entrepreneur starts his own clothing brand. Beccah Hendrickson has more on Action News at 6 p.m. on August 13, 2019.

LANSDOWNE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- There's a lot to be learned about the American Dream from a house in Lansdowne, Delaware County. The dream there started with some birthday money, 16 white t-shirts, and an enthusiastic 12-year-old.

"I really wanted to get my name out there and I really wanted to get SPERGO out there, so I sold out the first week with the 16 shirts," said Trey Brown, the now 13-year-old CEO of SPERGO. He says the name is a combination of "sports" and "hero."

"I want SPERGO to be that brand that you throw on every time you're ready to have a great day," he said.

Brown says it's the whole point behind his brand is to encourage other kids to be positive too, an idea he got from watching the news.

"August 14th. It was a 14-year-old who got arrested for murdering a 13-year-old and that hit me hard. Because that could've been my friends, that could've been my brother, that could've been my cousin," he said.

So he started making videos to inspire people, which developed into a company and eventually even a billboard in Times Square.

"To see like a 13-year-old on a billboard in Times Square next to all these multi-million dollar brands, is just a picture into the future," said Sherell Peterson, Trey's mom.

Trey's hopes and dreams for himself are printed all over his clothing. In fact, he has a whole line of shirts that say billionaire on them. He has no doubt that one day he's going to be one.

"Trey says it all the time, like, 'I'm going to retire you, mom. We're going to be partners, mom.' Things like that. And it really warms my heart," said Peterson.

He says the dream most important to him is taking care of his mom who raised him alone, and after moving 10 times in nine years, gave him a home to build his own dream.

"My mom. She bought this home. She bought this home! She's a hard-working person helping me out every single day," he said.