Christmas Eve shoppers find last-minute gifts

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many people are in a rush to get last-minute holiday shopping done, and some stores are closing early this Christmas Eve.

"I'm always last minute," said Maxine Smith from West Philadelphia.

Smith was at the Target in Wynnefield Heights shopping for her grandchildren. After shopping, she still had a lot more work to do!

"Still have to go home and cook food," said Smith.

Many other shoppers said they didn't have time all week to shop, so this was their opportunity to get their presents.

"I work all week long, so today was my first day to get off, and go out and shop," said Tamea Hill from West Philadelphia.
Some parents brought their kids with them to get ingredients to bake holiday treats.

"We're going to get some oranges to make orange muffins," said Mathew Williams from Bala Cynwyd.

The checkout lines were filled with people, but many said it's all worth it when they think about tomorrow.

"My mom is coming into town, and we're just going to have a small family Christmas, open up a couple of presents," said Williams.

"I've been shopping since 6:30 yesterday. When the money comes in that's when you go," said Jacquelyn Przegon of Prospect Park.

Jimmy Coskey, a single dad of two, said he was out searching for wrapping paper.

"I needed some wrapping paper, they didn't have it. Got these boxes. I spent $300 dollars in clothes," said Coskey.

He says he's been working long hours through the holidays so his boys can enjoy Christmas.

"I'm working in Bristol. I'm coming all the way home, then I gotta get my kids to basketball, whatever I gotta do, so it's a lot," Coskey added.

Some stores plan to close early on Christmas Eve, make sure you check ahead of time.
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