Latest in Former Philly cop charged in on-duty shooting

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Latest in Former Philly cop charged in on-duty shooting
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Latest in Former Philly cop charged in on-duty shooting. Katherine Scott reports during Action News at 12 p.m. on September 19, 2018.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Calls for justice outside criminal court in Center City this morning as the family of former Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownall left.

Inside, the rows in the courtroom were filled with law enforcement and supporters on both sides, but the preliminary hearing did not take place today. Pownall, himself, did not appear in the courtroom and remains in custody. The Commonwealth wants to bypass the preliminary hearing, but the defense disagrees.

Last year Pownall of the 15th district shot and killed 30-year-old David Jones when Jones ran from a pedestrian stop. Jones' weapon was found 25 feet from where Pownall fired. His attorney maintains Pownall's actions were in line with his training. Defense attorney Fortunato Perri, Jr. Says,"

  • the decedent, in this case, was armed with a loaded firearm, attempted to fire that firearm he pulled from his waist. Officer Pownall took necessary action to protect himself."

The 12-year veteran of the force was suspended and subsequently fired.

Pownall faces multiple charges including murder, a charge Jones' loved ones say is deserved.

Jones' Godmother, Donna Clement-Jackson explains, "Do we believe that Officer Pownall should be found guilty? Absolutely. He murdered. He murdered. There's nothing else to say but we pray that justice will be served."

District Attorney Larry Krasner was at the courthouse today for a different case, and he did not comment on this case to reporters.

The parties will meet next week before a different judge for a motions hearing. Depending on what happens then, they could meet on October 2nd for a preliminary hearing.

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