Philly's Laurin Talese set to premiere new album 'Museum of Living Stories' at Perelman Theater

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Monday, February 7, 2022
Singer Laurin Talese set to premiere new jazz album in Philly
Laurin Talese is hailed as the voice of jazz for this generation and she's premiering her new album in her Philly hometown.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Laurin Talese is being hailed as the voice of jazz for this generation and she's performing at the Kimmel Center's Perelman Theater in just a few weeks.

Talese will be premiering her new album Museum of Living Stories.

"And I titled it that because when you go to a museum, you're appreciating the richness and the beauty of it, and the experience. And that's what I think people should do with songs," says Talese.

"One of the really captivating things about Laurin Talese is the energy," says Matias Tarnopolsky, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc.

Talese wrote the music during the pandemic.

"There was civil unrest that took place and a whole flurry of just frenetic energy, but also energy to carve out for yourself to actually just breathe and hear your thoughts," says Talese.

"We can begin to see the fruits that artists have invested since the pandemic that comes from both heart and soul. That is so rare," says Tarnopolsky.

Talese grew up in Ohio in a family of singers.

"I've been singing since I was about 7 years old," says Talese.

She started singing jazz at 15 and came to Philadelphia to attend the University of the Arts.

"I would walk down from school and go straight to Zanzibar Blue. Such a rich legacy is here. So much glamour, so much grit," says Talese.

Now, Talese is a teacher and Cultural Ambassador for the State Department.

"She is part of the cultural DNA of Philadelphia. She has appeared with the Philadelphia Orchestra on numerous occasions," says Tarnopolsky.

This will be her first solo show in Philadelphia since the start of the pandemic

"You really should come if you want to hear some good, complex but also soul-stirring and soul-soothing music," says Talese.

Talese will be at the Perelman Theater Saturday, February 19th.


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Kimmel Cultural Campus

300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Performing Saturday, February 19th, 2022