Delaware lawmaker helping to make children's lemonade stands free of regulations, fees

Dover, Delaware (WPVI) -- Did you know kids could potentially get in trouble for having a lemonade stand? Lawmakers across the country are trying to change that.

Rep. Andria Bennett, D-Dover South, is working with a group of local students to make sure that lemonade stands are permit free.

Currently lemonade stands in Delaware could be subject to regulations, fees and permits.

The regulation of lemonade stands is an issue that is unfolding across the country.

Bennett is behind House Bill 270, which will be introduced on Thursday. It would make a stand operated by a child exempt from municipal regulations and licensing fees.

The stipulations include the stand must be temporary, on private property and serve lemonade or non-alcoholic beverages.

Students from W. Reily Brown Elementary's Light House Team helped in the drafting of the bill. The effort with Rep. Bennett teaches students about how government works and engages them throughout the process.

There are only 16 states that have law protecting kids with lemonade stands.
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