'To The Polls 2020': Local artists teamed up at Love Park to encourage Philadelphians to vote

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With so much going on this election season, efforts to get out to vote are more important now than ever. Six local artists have teamed up to express that in Center City at Love Park.

Voting awareness is in full effect this election year and a diverse group of artists have set up in Love Park to encourage Philadelphians to vote through their artwork.

"A lot of changes are happening in local government and state government," said artist Candy Alexandra Gonzalez. "With more women, more people of color running than ever before."

In partnership with curator Conrad Benner, Mural Arts Philadelphia launched 'To the Polls 2020' which is a nonpartisan initiative aimed to rally the community around civic participation through the act of voting.

"I always think that if you doing something of significance, that's a city-wide issue or national issue, you should have a central location," said Jane Golden, executive director, of Mural Arts Philadelphia. "We really wanted to be in Love Park because it's like the heartbeat of our city."

During the beginning of October, the initiative will feature six temporary large scale murals through Election Day on Tuesday, November 3.

The mural topics range from different subjects, ranging from voter suppression to paying respect to past leaders who fought for equal voting rights.

Gonzalez says her mural artwork was inspired by her parents.

"Both of my parents are immigrants," said Gonzalez. "If they were trying to come here in a moment like this, they might be stuck in a border. They might be in one of those camps on the border."

Gonzalez believes working with and helping those people is equally important.

"All of that is on the ballot this season and we need to go out there and do our duty," she added.

Philadelphians will be able to watch the artists construct their pieces and interact with them throughout the month of October leading up to Election Day.

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