Dessert shop makes New Orleans-inspired sweets

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Monday, March 7, 2022
Dessert shop makes New Orleans-inspired sweets
With roots in Louisiana, the SoCal based Mabel's Pralines specializes in pecan praline and pudding treats showcasing her family recipes.

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- A dessert shop brings the taste of New Orleans to Long Beach, California. Mabel's Pralines specializes in pecan pralines and banana pudding cakes and treats, all of which stem from family recipes.

"I always get a really good response of all the years I've been in business," said Saundra Christmas, owner of Mabel's Pralines.

"You know you're eating a banana pudding when you eat hers," said Marty Green, a resident of Long Beach. "And of course, it takes anybody back to New Orleans."

Christmas learned to make pralines from her mother, Mabel.

"Our recipes been handed down through many generations. I'm originally from Louisiana," said Christmas. "In Baton Rouge, we didn't call them pralines, we call them pecan candy."

Both the praline sweets and the banana pudding cakes have been well received by the community.

"I used to get her products at some of the festivals around town," said Green. "If you've been to New Orleans. Hey, you you're home when you come here."