Man rescued from gravel silo after being trapped up to chest for nearly 8 hours

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Man trapped in gravel silo rescued after nearly 8 hours
Man trapped in gravel silo rescued after nearly 8 hours. Watch the report in the video player above.

CARMEL, Indiana (WPVI) -- A worker is safe after spending hours trapped inside an asphalt silo in Indianapolis, Indiana.

34-year-old Billy Joe Walls, a contractor, was measuring the inside of the silo when he hit an air pocket. The gravel gave way, burying him up to his chest.

Fire officials say the rock sucked him in like quicksand.

Crews from the Indianapolis Fire Department responded Tuesday afternoon and quickly brought in a specialized rescue team. Seven of them rappelled into the silo with high-powered shop vacuums to remove some of the gravel.

Meanwhile, other rescuers concentrated on cutting through the metal from the outside. They had to work slowly because if the gravel moved too quickly, Walls could have been severely injured.

Through it all, he kept a positive attitude. Walls was able to talk to rescuers, who apologized for how long it was taking to free him. He responded through a radio by saying "It's alright. I'm just hanging out."

After 7 1/2 long hours, Walls was pulled to safety. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.