Prominent Delco official on leave amid accident investigation

Chad Pradelli Image
Friday, October 21, 2016

MEDIA, Pa. (WPVI) -- Action News has confirmed a car accident in September, involving the director of emergency services in Delaware County, Ed Truitt, is now being reinvestigated amid reports that Truitt may have left the scene.

According to the traffic citations and sources close to the investigation, Truitt was driving southbound on Route 1 in Middletown when he rear-ended the victim at the 352 off-ramp. The victim was driving her daughter to day care.

Sources say the victim told police she pulled off on 352 into the day care center. Truitt allegedly followed, but didn't get out of his car, circled around and drove off.

The victim got the tag number to his county-issued Chevy Tahoe.

Pennsylvania State Police say they followed up on the investigation, and tracked Truitt at his county office just down the road on 352. He was issued two traffic citations - one for failing to provide information or render aid to those involved in an accident, and following too close behind.

State Police wouldn't say why he wasn't charged with hit-and-run, but say the traffic citations are being withdrawn, and the circumstances surrounding the crash re-examined.

Late Friday afternoon, after being contacted by Action News, County Council met with the 79-year-old Truitt.

Council released a statement that reads:

"A minor motor vehicle accident involving Edwin Truitt, director of the Delaware County Department of Emergency Services, was reported to the Delaware County Department of Risk Management on the day it occurred, Sept. 29, as per standard procedure.
The Delaware County Park Police subsequently interviewed Mr. Truitt.

It was later learned that summary motor vehicle citations were filed against Mr. Truitt by the Pennsylvania State Police.

The Department of Risk Management continues to investigate the accident and subsequent violations.

Mr. Truitt has requested medical leave and is off duty from his position as director of the Department of Emergency Services."

Action News reporter Chad Pradelli spoke with Truitt by phone on Friday evening. He says any allegations of hit-and-run are unfounded. He says after hitting the victim, he drove about a block away, got out of his car, assessed that he had no damage, looked for the other driver and her car, didn't see them, and then left and went to work.

No one was seriously injured in the crash. A source tells us the victim did have to replace her bumper.

At last check, a court date was set for Nov. 30 for Truitt.