What's the Deal: AquaGold offers a more gentle microneedling procedure

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- Microneedling has become a popular procedure for plumper, smoother skin. Sets of tiny needles prick the surface to stimulate the growth of new collagen.

Now, a new device promises to do a better job, and eliminate the drawbacks.

Stacy Randall tries to keep a youthful look, but standard microneedling didn't deliver all she hoped for.

"It didn't really give me what I needed in the bottom third of my face, where I have more fine lines, some saggy skin, some dulless," she said.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Davis from Davis Cosmetic Surgery says some patients also feel it leaves the skin looking too hurt and it's an inefficient way to get anti-aging products under the skin surface.

"A lot of product gets squirted all over the face," he said. "You're wasting a lot of product, and you're really not specific."

He's begun using a new device called AquaGold - which has a mixing vessel, and an array of hollow needles.

"We're literally able to concoct our formula for each individual patient, put it in this glass containing jar, and as we apply pressure onto the skin, the product is actually being put through these hollow 24-karat gold-plated needles into the direct area of the skin," said Dr. Davis.

And they only go down 600 microns - just barely into the dermis, the second layer of skin.

"We're not going to get bleeding, we're not going to have any of this serious postoperative downtime," said Dr. Davis.

That short depth allows treatments in areas previously off-limits due to thin skin.

"In the chest, around the eyes, and around the lips," added Dr. Davis.

He says AquaGold is gentle enough he can do 2 or 3 passes, to get more of the rejuvenating products into the skin.

And that can mean faster impact - Stacy noticed changes right away.

"These little lines are gone, a little bit fuller under the eyes. It looks fantastic," she said.

Dr. Davis is offering 20 percent ofof AquGold treatments to anyone who calls now through Friday, September 28th and mentions they heard about it on 6abc. You can reach Davis Cosmetic Surgery at 856-424-1700.

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