Morning Moms: Delco grandson, grandmother cook up some fun

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Morning Moms: Cooking with grandmom
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A grandmom and grandson duo makes cooking videos and post them on YouTube.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- In today's "Morning Moms," we are focusing on grandmom.

For many families, grandparents have been a rock during the pandemic.

Which is true for Cindy McCord of Chester Heights, Delaware County.

She watches her grandson, and together they are cooking up a storm.

McCord's grandson's name is Jimmy. But when they are cooking, they call him "Pasquale."

Together the duo makes cooking videos and posts them on YouTube.

McCord says she chose cooking because her mom used to cook with her nephews.

She loves sharing recipes and teaching Jimmy the basics.

Little Jimmy's favorite part is cracking the eggs.

McCord and her husband are both professional musicians and run music classes on Facebook.

Jimmy gets involved with that too, singing and dancing along.

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