Morning Moms: 6abc's Katherine Scott

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Morning Moms: 6abc's Katherine Scott
Morning Moms: 6abc's Katherine Scott

In our new segment called 'Morning Moms', we will check in with parents around our area, to see what has been happening in their homes during the pandemic.

We start with members of our Morning Team.

Reporter Katherine Scott is a mother of three.

"Welcome to my home. My children have spent most of their time here since the middle of March, and much of that has been in pajamas.

Annie is 7. Abigail is 5. Oliver is 2.

We have our health, which is the most important thing.

We have definitely let some things slide.

From sofa forts to piles of legos, I try to reassure myself that the mess is only temporary.

Grocery bills are up. Screen time is too, though summer has helped a lot with that.

We love our school, and the teachers did an unbelievable job through an unprecedented time. Yet, Zoom school was hard to balance with both of us working and everything else going on.

It was this weird paradox.

Everything is cancelled except you feel busier than ever.

Activities and lessons moved to Zoom, and our email suddenly swelled with links.

As the days ticked by, we would all feel the frustration mounting.

The kids were stuck at home, missing real school, teachers, sports, grandparents and friendships.

So we found ourselves looking for the little moments- like trash day.

We'd hear the truck coming, cheer and yell our thanks. They would honk their horn in farewell, which just prompted more cheering.

We'd look for light: in fireflies, in the seeds we planted, in puppy kisses and in laughter.

Of course these things don't erase the tough days. We still have them and there's so much uncertainty.

But when we can find laughter and light, our spirits start to feel a little bit brighter.

Please be well. Xo'

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