Morning Moms: 6abc's Tamala Edwards

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Monday, August 3, 2020
Morning Moms: Tamala Edwards
Morning Moms: Tamala Edwards

In our new segment called 'Morning Moms', we will check in with parents around our area, to see what has been happening in their homes during the pandemic.

We start with members of our Morning Team.

6abc's Tamala Edwards discusses the new appreciations she has found as a working mom during the pandemic.

Like everyone else, I've been looking for the silver linings and I've come up with two:

First, two little heads together, everywhere...playing games...baking cookies...goofing off in new sunglasses from Grandma.

This is my dearest desire: for them to go through this life with their arms around each other, to become brothers of the heart as much as by blood.

With no other friends around, there are shenanigans and secret code words, giggles and goofiness.

And then there is this: An old Native American blessing wishes for you a partner to hold up the sky when your arms are too tired.

I know what that looks like: A dad who made his own camp, building a pool in our back yard.

And, armed with an Amazon account, filling the days with fun, from street hockey to archery, from water balloon fights, to stem projects and dart competitions and back again.

Indeed, build it and they will come, So he did.

Yes, I gave them life, but these days, daddy is King. Making even these crazy days so alive.

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