Narberth, Pa. artist's snow sculptures bring community together

NARBERTH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Emily D. Stewart is a Main Line artist who uses snow to carve magical creatures. She has a winter wonderland in her front year yard, which her neighbors appreciate and enjoy.

"I love being out here, and it's no pun intended-- it's kind of snowballed into kind of a spontaneous little creation to some things little larger in scale," Stewart said.

Currently, in her front yard is quite the collection of snow sculptures, more like an icy animal kingdom. It includes a bear, coyote, deer, and rabbit. But Stewart's talent with the snow goes back to her childhood growing up near Cleveland.

She has now perfected her snow creations. It takes her about six to eight hours to create her sculptures. She has even received advice from her artist friends in Canada.

"The best part is it's not a business. I so enjoy using free material," Stewart said.

She enjoys that it creates a talking point in her close-knit community. She said especially during the pandemic, it's a great way to connect with her neighbors. Stewart says her neighbors compliment her on her creations even when, in her mind, they aren't the best.
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