Neshaminy School District begins in-person instruction for its students

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Monday, October 5, 2020
Neshaminy school students return to school for in-person instruction
Neshaminy school students return to school for in-person instruction

Many students share the same feelings as third-grader Colin Callaghan as they begin the first day of in-person learning at Pearl Buck Elementary and the entire Neshaminy School District.

"I'm a little nervous, but I'm pretty excited," said Collin.

Collin's dad, Ed Callaghan, said he is glad the students are returning for in-person instruction.

"It's hard at home, it a lot more work for parents and for teachers," he said.

Students recently finished a month of learning online and now they are beginning a hybrid schedule that splits each school into two groups.

Students will do two days in person and three days at home.

"We're really excited and can't thank the Neshaminy School District enough, they've been phenomenal, and they had a great plan in place," said parent Mike Barnes.

That plan includes strict guidelines when it comes to how students are required to move throughout the halls of each school.

A video posted by the Neshaminy School District shows student volunteers demonstrating how the process will work.

Signs and arrows are posted on the floors and walls indicating which way to walk.

There are also hand sanitizer stations set up for everyone to use.

Students will take part in helping wipe down their desks and workspace while in class.

Teachers said they are ready to tackle the new challenge of juggling the hybrid plan.

"They're doing a wonderful job and certainly stepping up to that challenge," said Pearl Buck Elementary Principal Brian Kern. "It is a lot of extra work and I have nothing, but praise for them."

The task ahead won't be easy, but just being back in school is enough for some.

School district leaders said their plans could change at a moment's notice, depending on what happens with the virus within the community, so they're encouraging everyone to remain flexible.