Gifted 6-year-old New Jersey girl with Einstein-level IQ considered genius, member of Mensa

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Gifted 6-year-old girl with genius-level IQ shines in the classroom
Anthony Johnson has more on the brilliant 6-year-old girl from New Jersey.

ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A young girl from New Jersey is proving that you don't have to be Albert Einstein to be considered a genius.

Declan Lopez is bubbly, has a beautiful personality and she's brilliant.

At just six years old, Lopez is a member of the Mensa society, which includes the smartest of the smartest with an IQ of 138 -- that's Einstein level.

"I'm interested in arts, science, math and geography," Lopez said.

The gifted kindergartener reads on a third or fourth-grade level.

Lopez goes to school in Dover, New Jersey, where she is a shining star.

"My favorite thing to learn is a force in motion," Lopez said.

Her parents started noticing Lopez's intelligence early on, when she was 18 months old.

"We were on a trip in the airport, and she just started to count in Mandarin," Declan's mom, Meachel Lopez, said.

So, there is a challenge in keeping the active 6-year-old intellectually stimulated with an activity chart while letting her be a kid.

"I want her to laugh and joke and make mistakes and do things that 6-year-olds do," her mom said.

On top of raising an exceptional daughter, there is strong evidence showing Lopez's little brother, Maddox, is following in her footsteps.

The Lopezes are trying to figure out if brilliance runs in the family DNA.

They add that Google and Alexa have become their best friend because their kids know things that they can't answer without artificial intelligence.

One in every 50 people qualify for a Mensa membership in the U.S., according to the organization. Anyone 14 years old or older can take the standardized test to see if they qualify.