New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission now open 6 days a week

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Monday, July 13, 2020
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission now open 6 days a week
The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is now opening locations 6 days a week.

Starting Monday, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission locations will be open six days a week to address the pent up demand from the Covid-19 closure.

This comes after days of long lines at locations across the state.

In Cherry Hill, people started lining up overnight so they could be among the first on Monday.

Tasha Carmickel of Camden said, "We got here at 1:30, and we got here because the line is usually super long."

Jackson Nguyen wasn't as early, but was hopeful he would get a slot.

"Here early. Hopefully can get everything done," Nguyen said.

Last week, many locations hit capacity and had to turn people away.

"The first time I got here at like 6. The second time like 3:30. Friday I came back, the system went down," Xoomara Medina of Camden explained from her spot in line, ticking off each attempt last week.

Leslie Forman of Willingboro added, "I just thought that it was unnecessary. I feel as though people could have waited."

Others left on their own.

Justin Davis of Riverside remarked, "There was way too many people. I left."

As part of the reopening process, some facilities have been designated as Licensing Centers and some as Vehicle Centers.

Given the pent up demand, the governor announced agencies will be open six days a week, and there will be extended expiration dates for licenses and registration.

Lucky McDonald, of Cherry Hill, is an Uber driver and said he can't wait.

"People need this. People need this," McDonald said.

The governor exempted MVC personnel from work furloughs, which enables full staffing. That allows licensing and vehicle centers to remain on Mondays in July.

The MVC will make an assessment each night about the number of customers each location can serve the following day. Tickets will be given out up to that number, everyone else will be asked to come back. New drivers will be given preference at licensing centers.