Caulilini: New type of cauliflower could soon be in stores

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019
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New vegetable coming to stores: Matt O'Donnell reports on Action News at 4 a.m., April 2, 2019

California agricultural business has a new product it wants you to try.

It's a variety of cauliflower they're calling "caulilini," brought to you by the same folks who brought us "broccolini" a few years ago.

Rick Harris couldn't be happier after putting two years into developing the new variety of cauliflower.

"If you look at it if it's not perfect, it's not in the head form," said Harris. "It's sort of ugly but when you floret it up and you - you taste the flavor, the sweetness, it's like oh my god what is this stuff? It is so unique."

A variety of cauliflower for people who might not like cauliflower.

Harris said he focused on improving its taste experimenting initially with 12 different seeds.

"As the sun hits the curd here, the top of the head, it enhances the greenness. And when we enhance the greenness, we enhance the flavor. It gets sweeter," he said.

You can find a similar cauliflower at Asian grocery stores and farmers markets but this one has been developed for the mass market for all year availability.