Newborn photographer takes creative 'newborn' take-out food portraits

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Friday, April 10, 2020
Bored photographer poses take-out food like newborn babies
When a newborn photographer wasn't able to take photos of newborn babies during the coronavirus, so she took pictures of newborn take-out food instead!

As we chronicle the many ways people are putting their talents to good use during this stay-at-home situation, here's one that is sure to make you smile.

Among the many who unable to do their jobs as they're used to are newborn photographers.

You've seen the adorable photos, days old infants propped and pretzeled into priceless poses.

But what to photograph when the babies can't come?

Well - food, obviously.

These are the creative masterpieces from the mind, and camera, of Ute-Christin of Millford, Connecticut.

She says she woke up last week with the idea of ordering food from local bakeries and restaurants, and posing the items with the reverence typically reserved for fresh humans.

These are, after all, priceless commodities in these very strange times, delivered with the careful precision of a physician.

So, behold, the deliveries - maybe not quite as cute - but worthy of our adoration nonetheless.