Mom charged with DUI after crash in drive-thru; toddler in car

COLLINGDALE, Pa. (WPVI) -- A Delaware County mother is facing a number of charges, accused of driving while under the influence of drugs while her toddler was in the car.

Only Action News was there as Amber Anthony was escorted into the Collingdale Police Department.

Earlier a man had called 911 to report that Anthony kept falling asleep and hitting his car while behind him in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru on Oak Lane.

When police arrived, they realized the Clifton Heights woman was very confused and had trouble walking and talking.

They also discovered a crying 2-year-old in the backseat.

Delaware County police officers say the customer who called them did the right thing.

Collingdale Police Officer Robert Adams tells us, "I'm glad. He stepped up and called 911. We were able to get there before she left the area."

After searching Anthony's car, police say they found marijuana and several Xanax pills.

Anthony was checked out at the hospital before being arraigned on charges including DUI and drug possession.
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