Toddler calls 911, saves mom's life during seizure

LAFAYETTE, La. (WPVI) -- While some toddlers are still learning their ABCs and getting potty trained, one toddler knew just what to do to save her mother's life.

Two-year-old Lauryn Andrew from Lafayette, Louisiana sprang into action when she saw her mom started having a seizure.

The little girl picked up the phone and called 911.

She then put the phone to her mother's ear so she could give them their address.

911 operator Keshee Trahan says they get a lot of calls from kids playing around, but she could tell little Lauryn was serious. The toddler stayed on the line until help arrived.

"Heard them knocking at the door and I asked her if she could go to the door, and she did! Later, I found out she opened the door for them. I was just thinking, this is amazing for a two-year-old!" said Keshee.

"She must have been my guardian angel that particular day. Because it was just her and I at home," said Lauryn's mom, Lakeisha Andrew.

Little Lauryn was given the superhero award from her town - hailed as a super duper little trooper.
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