Nicholas Flacco, son of a Philadelphia police official shot to death in FDR Park, laid to rest

The son of a Philadelphia police chief inspector is being laid to rest Thursday, a day after the suspected gunman in his murder was taken into custody in Delaware County.

Nicholas Flacco was in town to celebrate his 20th birthday. The Penn State student had plans to join the Marine Corps in the fall. He was shot and killed in FDR Park over the weekend.

Survived by his parents, sister, and many members of his extended family, loved ones followed pallbearers into St Albert the Great Church in Huntingdon Valley for the visitation and Mass.

Nick Flacco is the son of Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Chris Flacco.

Fellow members of the force filed in to pay their respects.

At an event last night, the Police Commissioner reiterated the grief saying it was, "Deeply sad for all of us. We're all very sad. We can't find the words."

The funeral comes a day after 19-year-old Tyquan Atkinson was arrested for Flacco's murder.

Only Action News was there as Chester Police and US Marshals caught up with Atkinson in Chester.

Atkinson had climbed onto the roof of a store on Upland Street. He was cornered by police.

Early this morning, Atkinson was arraigned on six charges including murder. Ross said tips helped in his capture.

"This is not magical. What helps us most is human intelligence. People picking up the phone to tell us what happened, and in this case again- we're just deeply saddened by all the events that transpired," he said.

Burial will take place Thursday afternoon, immediately following the funeral.
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