Northern California spa offers unique experience with cedar enzyme bath

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Zen out with this California spa's cedar enzyme bath
Need to relax? Osmosis Day Spa is the only place outside of Japan that offers up this unique treatment.

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. -- Osmosis Day Spa in Sonoma County is well known for its unique cedar enzyme bath treatment.

It's the only place providing therapeutic body treatment outside of Japan.

Michael Stusser opened Osmosis over 30 years ago in Freestone, after studying gardening in Japan. He discovered the cedar bath while living in Kyoto and wanted to bring the treatment to the states.

"When people do the bath, many people say they lose all sense of time, they kind of go into a timeless state, they feel deeply cleansed and lighter, because it's such a powerful detoxification," said Stusser.

The warm and fragrant treatment offers many health benefits, like improving circulation, increasing metabolism, and relieving joint and muscle pain.

Guests immerse themselves in a mixture of ground cedar and rice bran with living enzymes that stimulates the body inside and out.

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